“Before I joined the Breakthrough to Achieve™ program I had a lot of guilt and shame towards having money and with my family and friends. After going through the first few steps I was able to shed these guilty and shameful feelings I had towards money, my family, and my friends. The techniques that Chaney uses in the program have given me the power to overcome any challenging situation in any area of my life within a few hours and now I can move forward and have more wealth and a greater sense of freedom.”
-Paul, Baltimore, MD

“Before I started working with Chaney I couldn’t figure out why I was stuck in different areas of
my life, especially in my career and finances. After my first coaching call with Chaney and going through the first step of his Breakthrough to Achieve program I became more aware of what was holding me back from doing what I really wanted to do. After breaking through this most stubborn block I was having, I am now able to draw more money and greater opportunities to me than ever before.
-Lori, Charlotte, NC

“I have always been somewhat unsure of what I wanted. Even the few moments that I could see what I wanted I wasn’t sure of how to go about getting it. Once I started working with Chaney I was able to have a greater focus on what I really wanted to do and how to start making money doing it. This also resulted in me getting more opportunities in the other areas of my life that matters most to me. I want to thank Chaney for showing me how to overcome these obstacles that I wasn’t aware of, which has paved the way for greater success in my life.
-Elisa, Sweden

“I was having a big challenge in the direction that I wanted to take my career. I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do and didn’t feel worthy of pursuing what my dreams had been. After working with Chaney and applying what I learned from him, I was able to get more clear on what I wanted to do and this has translated to enjoying my life more than before, as now I can take care of my children and spend more time with them. I am very grateful to Chaney and how he has helped me.”
-Audra, South Africa