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Chaney has been consulting with individuals one-on-one for over eight years and has worked with a variety of people from many different areas of life.

As a human behavioral specialist who possesses a vast knowledge and expertise on how the human mind works, Chaney will assist you in relationships, purpose, career, and physical health utilizing various tools from his personal transformational system, Breakthrough to Achieve.

During a one on one consultation you define your challenge and Chaney will guide you through your perceptions so that you break through your limitations, resolve your issue and empower your life.

Chaney has worked with individuals to assist them in resolving the following issues:

– Defining purpose and direction
– Overcoming procrastination and setting achievable goals
– Resolving relationship conflicts and communication challenges
– Dissolving depression
– Dissolving frustration, anger and resentment
– Building self worth
– Weight issues
– Dealing with loss and grief
– Facing fear and dissolving doubt and worry
– Managing emotional volatility
– Breaking through labels
– Defining goals and awakening leadership
– Dealing with disappointment and unmet expectations

Whatever challenge you may have, Chaney will assist and guide you in overcoming the obstacles which stand in the way of you achieving the specific results you would love to have. Dissolving emotional baggage allows you to increase your enthusiasm for life, raise your self-worth, elevate your feelings of success, and attain fulfillment throughout each of the 7 areas of life

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