Which Emotion Will Guide Your Subconscious in 2016?

Written by Chaney Weiner

All humans have two minds, the conscious and subconscious mind.

While most people think it is their conscious mind that is making most of their decisions it’s actually the subconscious mind that does.

In fact, it’s been scientifically determined that your subconscious mind runs 95-98% of your day. As a result, your subconscious mind is determining most of what shows up in your life. This can explain quite often why people can’t realize why certain things happen in their life that they don’t want.

Since your subconscious mind basically has your life running on autopilot isn’t it a good idea to find out what is controlling that. One of the ways is to know which emotions are involved.

In this quiz you’ll discover which emotion is guiding your subconscious.

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Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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