Where Is The Donald Trump In You?

Written by Chaney Weiner

It’s hidden…

It’s cleverly concealed…

It quite often has you in a state of denial and leaves you saying (and believing) one thing when in fact the truth of it all is literally staring you in the face.

And strange as it sounds…

It’s also the driving force involved in you being respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do.

Now at first it appears to only involve you…

But there’s always someone along with groups of people over time that are involved.

Let’s take one such person for example…Donald Trump.

Of course you know all about “Donald”…

Billionaire, business magnate, television personality, and 45th President of the United States.

He’s also the guy that is equally loved and loathed by tens of millions of people throughout the world.

And included in either of these groups of people are you and I.

Now whichever side of the “Donald Express” you’re on politically speaking is another topic for another person to discuss in a political forum.


Your thoughts about “Donald” (and anyone for that matter) is part of this discussion because there is a life transforming gift involved…and one that wakes you up to discovering how valuable of a person you are in the world.

And since I mentioned “Donald” as one of those people it starts with the question…

“Where is the Donald Trump in you?”

AgreeDisagree1. Agree to disagree, disagree to agree

A quote of mine that I quite often like to share is, “We’re all the same but different.” Taking this to another level here’s a new quote to live by, “We’re here to agree to disagree as much as we are here to disagree to agree.”

And this is right in line with how humans and the world functions.

The fact is…

You are going to come across people throughout your entire life that you will not agree with…just as much as the people who come across you won’t agree with you. This includes family, friends, acquaintance…everyone.

Of course the flip side is that you will come across people you’ll agree with and people who come across you will agree with you. Naturally this goes both ways.

This is true with anyone…and even your opinions of Donald.

What’s also true is the fact that just because you may not entirely agree with someone that it doesn’t mean the other person is wrong. This of course will involve getting all the facts straight.


The point here is that there will always be people agreeing and disagreeing with others.

And here’s something else I’m sure you’ve seen and have certainly been involved in as well…

How many times have you seen someone “search out” those that agree with them and completely ignore, ridicule, criticize, and possibly even threaten those who disagree with them?

You see it all the time…and you certainly see it with a person like Donald who operates on the world stage.

But it doesn’t have to be only on the world stage.

You’ll see it among the social groups you come across…where people will look to find others that support and agree with them and completely discount those who don’t.

And what almost always ends up happening is…people will like you and say nice things about you when you agree with them…but will not like you and say mean things about you if you disagree with them.

Let’s face it…

This is how life functions…whether you’re Donald Trump or anyone for that matter.

It comes down to this…

Far too many people feel the “need to be right” and try to push their agenda on to others without taking the time to listen. You don’t have to agree with someone else or what they believe in.

However, it’s much wiser to listen to others even if the two of you don’t agree on the same thing. It’s ok to agree to disagree and disagree to agree. This is how the human race evolves…

And starts to bring up the life transforming gift I spoke about earlier involving seeing the Donald Trump in you.

RedBlack2. The red and the black

There are lyrics from a song by a well-known band that goes like this, “People don’t want the truth. Look in their eyes and you send them away.” And while this is referring to looking in someone’s eyes and revealing the truth, it’s also involved in when you look at other people and start labeling them in a negative (OR positive) way.

Some have referred to this as black OR white thinking.

I’m calling it seeing the red AND the black…

Because it’s seeing (and embracing) both sides in someone equally…to include Donald Trump.

Donald, just like you and I, has both sides…he’s nice and mean, kind and cruel, happy and sad, while also having moments of being altruistic and narcissistic. Both sides are healthy and are needed in certain situations to sincerely benefit others and society.

But what do you see far too many people do?

They take on a self righteous persona and claim they never did that. This is when you’ll hear people say things like, “He’s arrogant”, “He’s a liar”, “He’s a narcissist”, “He’s a bully.”

This is NOT being authentic.

It’s being self righteous and not appreciating the beautiful truth of who you are…

Because you’ve had moments and have been perceived by others as being “arrogant”, “a liar”, “narcissistic”, and a “bully” just as much as Donald and anyone else. It’s just a question of when, where, and who saw it…and the person that has seen it can be and is often you.


The wisest thing to do is to “own it” in your unique way.

This is where you discover the Donald Trump in you…if it’s an issue you have with him.

If it’s an issue with someone else, that’s where you discover “that person” within you.


Anything you like and despise about Donald is something you’ve done. And like I referred to a minute ago, it most likely won’t be in the same way you see Donald “doing it.” It’ll be in your own unique way.

BothSidesYouUsing one of the examples I mentioned above…

Let’s say you despise Donald because you perceive him as being “arrogant”…look to see where in your life you’ve been arrogant to the same degree. And it”s there. There’s no denying it. You, I, and every other person has been arrogant to the same degree as you see in Donald…and others have seen it in you as well.

And one of the ways you know this to be true…you wouldn’t be saying it about him if you didn’t do it as well.

For example…

You may have been seen as “arrogant” if you were in the middle of doing something and your spouse or co-worker asked you a question and you ignored them…or perhaps you “snapped” back at them for bothering you in that moment.

Also remember…

Anything you despise about someone else…there are things you admire about them as well. How do you know this to be true. Well, in addition to the fact that you wouldn’t be saying it about others if you didn’t have (or do) it as well…the only other way you could despise something in someone else is if you’re comparing it to the things you admire about them as well.

There is no such thing as despising things about someone else without also having an equal amount of things you admire about them.

And again…

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them about whatever it is they say or believe in. It means that you look to see what you like and dislike about them and how you do the same in your own unique way.

And now the life transforming gift courtesy of Donald and everyone else…

MeetRealMe3. Hello me, meet the real me

Every human being on the face of the earth in the history of man and woman kind pursue what is the most treasured and sacred gift of all…discovering the truth.

Of course the truth means different things to different people.

However there are certain universal truths that are written in stone…

And one of them is discovering the truth of who you are.

This is what I spoke about earlier that is “hidden”, “cleverly concealed”, and is the driving force involved in you being respected, appreciated, and recognized for who you are and all you do.

It’s also the Donald Trump in you.

There’s a quote by Nietzsche that says…

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way and the only way, it does not exist.”

Whether you like or dislike, agree or disagree with Donald Trump is “your way.” It’s not right or wrong. It just is. What he does and how he does it is his way. What you do and how you do it is your way.

What is the same for every person goes back to what I’ve been saying throughout…everything you see in him (and every other person) that you like or despise are traits you have as well.

When you realize this and see how you do the same in your own way…and especially how it serves others and society…you’ve discovered the greatest gift of all…which is part of another Nietzsche quote:

“The privilege of owning yourself.”

As a result…

You wake up and realize how valuable of a person you are in the world.

By discovering who you really are, or as I’m calling it here, “Meeting the real me”, you put to rest the doubt and uncertainty of why you’re here…

And live your life with a loving purpose.

A purpose that inspires others…

A purpose that allows you to be the change you seek in the world…

A purpose that makes a difference…

And doing it in a way that is real…that is truthful…and that gets people to see what makes you the beautiful person you are.







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