Are You Trying To Live A Spiritual Fantasy?

Written by Chaney Weiner

Have you ever had the feeling that you know something that you just don’t know?

It can and does show up in many different ways and at different times.

It especially shows up when you’re struggling in a certain area of your life…

And it’s the feeling you have when you know that something is holding you back but you just can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is. You know it’s there but can’t quite figure it all out.

This is what’s involved when you have that money block. It’s there when you wonder why you’re not in the type of relationship you want to be in. It’s also there when you’re trying to figure out why you don’t know what your purpose in life is.

And where does this leave you?

Feeling frustrated, full of anxiety, living in fear, and quite often in a state of depression .

Now of course there is a way to not only overcome this, but to avoid it in the first place.

And it starts when you realize and begin living your life by some wise words of what the Buddha has said…

“Striving for that which is unattainable and trying to avoid that which is unavoidable is the source of human suffering?”

What this all has to do with is your spiritual quest. Because it is your spiritual quest that is involved in everything you do. And it plays a major part as to whether you’re living the type of life you want versus living the type of life you don’t want.

And at the center of all of this lies the question…

“Are you trying to live a spiritual fantasy?”

Spiritual Not1. Where is spirit not

I’m sure you’ve heard many times someone say, “He (or she) is more spiritual than “so and so.” Perhaps you may have even said that you’re more spiritual than someone else. The truth of the matter is this…

Every person on this planet is spiritual.

And contrary to what most people have been led to believe, being spiritual is not fully dependent on whether you’re religious or not. It could be… depending on who you are.

My point is this…

Your spirituality is going to be based on whatever area of life is most important to you. This is your spiritual quest.

For example…

If your family is the most important part of your life, then your spiritual quest is your family. Therefore your spirituality is within your family.

If building a multi million dollar business is most important to you, then your spiritual quest is within your business. That’s where you’re most spiritual.

And the same is true with your physical health, your social network, your finances , your mindset development in coming up with new ideas, and any other area of your life.

As a result, no one is more spiritual than anyone else. But rather each person’s form of spirituality is different.

But what is the same with every person’s spirituality is something that’s often overlooked and brings us back to the Buddha quote I mentioned earlier.

SpiritualMetadox2. The spiritual metadox

Let’s now come back to what the Buddha said…

“Striving for that which is unattainable and trying to avoid that which is unavoidable is the source of human suffering?”

What does this mean and why is it the difference between whether you live a life of desperation where you feel depressed. anxious, stressed out, and frustrated…


Being in control of your life where you feel more confident, focused, and have a greater sense of fulfillment and freedom?

And most importantly…

How can you use it to change your life around starting right now?

It starts by realizing that your spiritual quest (and being spiritual) is not about living a happy, peaceful, and joyful life. That’s only half of the picture.

The other half of your spiritual quest (and being spiritual) involves the sadness, being warful, and the sorrow.

Both of these halves makes up the fulfillment in your life. In other words living a fulfilled life involves having both of these sides….equally.

“Striving for that which is unattainable” is seeking the one sidedness of trying to live a happy, peaceful, and joyful life…

“And trying to avoid that which is unavoidable” is trying to avoid the sadness, warful moments, and sorrow that makes up the other half of fulfillment.

In other words…

It’s trying to seek a one-sided life in a two-sided world.

And this is the source of people’s suffering. It’s the source of the anxieties, the depressions, the fears, the guilts, the betrayals, and all the other emotional baggage you carry around.

This is also the difference between being a fantasy seeker and a fulfillment driven person.

And it’s the difference between living the type of life you want versus living the type of life you don’t want.

So how else can you use this to start changing your life around right now?

By being aware of the spiritual metadox.

And this starts be embracing both sides of life. And that means you realize that there’s two sides to every event. There’s also two sides to every person.

Every person is nice and mean, kind and cruel, giving and taking, generous and greedy, and so on.

Every situation has support and challenge, a door opening and another door closing, gain and loss, creation and destruction, and so on.

Now read what I’m about to say carefully and always remember this…

No matter what you do and no matter where you are in your life, the two sidedness will always be there.

And here’s the critically important part…

As soon as you reach a level where you embrace both sides equally, you move on to the next higher level and go through it all over again.

For example, many people think that, “Once I have more money and are financially free I’ll have less difficulty and less challenge in my life.”

But guess what?

Even though you may have the financial freedom and feel a sense of more ease and support and security in your life, you’ll be promoted to the next level of difficulty and challenge and insecurity in your life.

This is very healthy and a vital part of your life.

And by living according to this “spiritual metadox” you’ll reduce the fears, anxieties, guilts, and depressions because you’ll be living life as a fulfillment driven person rather than a fantasy seeker.

Remember, it’s the fantasies and unrealistic expectations of trying to live a one sided life that is the source of people’s suffering…which is in essence what the Buddha is saying.

And this also leads to what I’m calling the most important part of your life.

Inner Brainchild3. Your inner brainchild

It can never be said enough that you were put on this planet for a reason. Right now as you read this you may have a lot going on in your life. You may be going through some very challenging times. And as a result may not fully realize that you’re here for a reason.

Said another way…

You have a spiritual mission. You have within you a calling. Something that is very important to you. Something of tremendous value that the world can benefit from.

You have a cause that serves ever greater numbers of people.

And you certainly have your inner brilliance and the uniqueness of who you are that allows you to shine brightly in the process .

The reason you may not realize this and aren’t living it currently is because of what’s clouding your ability to breakthrough what’s holding you back. It’s that something you know that you don’t know that’s stopping you. And the root cause of it is trying to live a spiritual fantasy.

This is why it’s incredibly important to remember those wise words from Buddha.

Because when you embrace the two sidedness of who you are and the two sidedness of how the world operates, you carry around less emotional baggage, you react less (because you’re less emotionally charged), you’re more poised, and more focused.

This is when you transform from a fantasy seeker to being a fulfillment driven person.

And the result…

Out pops your creativity, your inner wisdom, along with the true magnificence and brilliance of who you are. This in turn helps you come up with those big ideas that are responsible for you creating new ways of helping and serving more people.

And remember…

You never have to get rid of any part of yourself to appreciate the magnificence of who you are.

You never have to get rid of any part of yourself to love yourself.

Your spiritual quest and what you’re here to be, do, and have is not a fantasy of one sidedness…

It’s the realization of you being your true and authentic self as a fulfillment driven person.


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