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Ep #10: This Ruins Most Relationships…

Written by Chaney Weiner

How many times have you asked yourself why some relationships last and others don’t? Along with this, have you ever wondered why you keep having the same patterns show up in your relationships that you’re trying to avoid?

Listen to this podcast episode as Chaney discusses one of the two most important—and often overlooked—things you can ever do that allows you to have the type of fulfilling and truly loving relationships you’ve always wanted.

You’ll discover:

  • The one thing that ruins most relationships that most people say to always do.
  • Why trying to have a happy relationship (or marriage) will not work (and what does work instead).
  • What’s involved in the type of loving, caring marriage (or relationship) that people dream of (and it does not involve trying to have a happy one).
  • What to be aware of at the beginning of a new relationship that ruins relationships (that most people completely ignore).
  • The pattern that most people repeat in their relationships that repeatedly ruins their relationships (and how you can avoid this).
  • The point when the “real relationship” begins that determines how the relationship ultimately turns out.
  • What it is that “keeps the ring on the finger” in marriages (and your relationships too).
  • The #1 thing to look for going in to a new relationship that tells you whether the relationship will last.

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About the author

Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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