Who (really) Wants The Truth?

Written by Chaney Weiner

There’s a worldwide movement going on right now as we speak…and always has been since the beginning of time.

It’s a movement that is opposed and wanted at the same time by everyone even though most of the time it doesn’t seem that way.

And the most bizarre part…

There is almost always a distortion of it while at the same time it frequently borders on becoming a New World Order.

What I’m referring to is the “truth”…

And the lifelong pursuit of it by the entire human race.

What’s also interesting here is the fact that this “distortion” of the truth is quite often the weapon involved to achieve what every human being wants…

To feel respected, appreciated, and recognized…to feel important…and to feel like they matter.

But is it necessary to use that “distortion” method most people view as lying?

Because after all…

Every person at their true core self is not born into the world with the intention of distorting the truth.


Far too many people somewhere along the way have done just that…even to the point of wanting to be lied to so they feel good.

In any case it comes down to the question…

“Who (really) wants the truth”

…And what separates those who are living according to truth versus “distortion of the truth”, also known as lying?

Beginning1. In the beginning

I’m sure you’ve heard many times the idea of having a “clean slate” in life. This is certainly the case when you (and all humans) come into the world. As infants and young children there’s this “innocence” we have about who we are and what goes on in our lives at that time.

The same is involved as it relates to the truth.

During this beginning stage of our lives we are told to always tell the truth…and usually by those authority figures who we are led to believe are also telling the truth.

So in essence we’re born into this idea of wanting the truth. And the fact is, all humans do want the truth from the time they’re born until they pass away.

Now with this being said…

As you already know more often than not it doesn’t seem that way…because we all see people throughout the world in different arenas lying and doing everything they can to “distort” the truth.

The question here is…why…why is it that far too many humans—all of whom that want the truth—resort to lying and “distorting” the truth?

What is it that happens at some point where people seem to lose this “innocence” and seem to go against the very thing they’ve been taught and “wired for?” How (and why) does someone go from living in truth to apparently living a lie?

It’s because of what I call the “Truth Paradox.”

And it’s the same reason every time…the need for people to feel respected, appreciated, recognized…to feel important…to feel like they matter. And people will even resort to “distorting” the truth in order to get it.

But there’s also another reason. It’s THE reason that explains how, even though all humans want the truth, that they’ll lie and “distort” the truth…while knowing that they want the truth to begin with.

FantasyTruth2. The liar’s “fantasy truth”

Even though the truth seems to be a straight forward concept…it’s not. And that’s because of the “Truth Paradox.” It is this paradox that takes something seemingly simple as the truth and turns it into the distortion known as lies.

At the center of it all is that “F” word…fantasies.

This gives rise to what I call the liar’s “fantasy truth.”

And it’s something you see all the time.

How many times have you seen someone (possibly even yourself) come up with a “convenient truth?” These are the truths that are lies that people turn into their own truth…and quite often to placate the fantasies of others to even include themselves at times.

You see this type of thing all the time in politics and is the driving force behind getting votes. This is nothing more than telling (and selling) someone a fantasy they want to hear—which is not attainable—in order to get people to feel good while getting them to do what you want them to do.

Not only do you see this in politics but you’ll quite often see it when someone is trying to sell something to someone else.

No matter how you look at it…it still promotes a one-sided way of life (more pleasure than pain, more happiness than sadness, more peace than turmoil). These are “fantasy truths” and the people promoting them are the distorters (liars) of the truth.

And bizarre as it seems…

It still involves what I said earlier…that everybody wants the truth. But they want the easy, quick, fast version of the truth…the “convenient fantasy pseudo truths” that most people view as lies.

What’s also interesting…

These easy, quick, and fast versions of the truth (fantasy truths) actually do the very opposite of what they claim to be.

For example…

How many times have you heard someone promise one thing…you believed it…and then after trusting them you discovered that it was nothing like what they promised?

You see this in politics all the time. You see this far too often when someone is trying to sell you something. You’ll see it much more than you originally thought once you become more aware of it.

What these “liar’s fantasy truths” also do quite often is…they make people less accountable and responsible. You’ll also see this much more than you’d like in the political arena…but you’ll see it across many different other arenas as well.

And what it comes down to is this…

Are you someone that wants the “actual truth” which involves the specific details and facts while seeing life from a two-sided perspective…


Are you someone that wants “convenient truths” and “fantasy truths” which promotes seeing life from a one-sided perspective while quite often making you less accountable and responsible?

TruthWorldOrder3. Truth World Order

Even though all humans want the truth the fact is, you’ll always in some way be dealing with certain people that will distort the truth. And strange as this sounds it will range from total strangers all the way to the people you love most.

And another reason as to why is because people in general want the “upper hand” in some way.

Whether you’re talking about politicians who seek a certain position…or someone at your job who is seeking a promotion…or someone you run into when you’re out and about…and even within your own family…

You’ll be in situations with someone that involves those involved looking to get the “upper hand” in some way.

And in the process of doing so the decision of telling the truth versus distorting the truth (lying) will come up.

The question is…

Which side are you on in these situations? Which way of handling situations do you defer to…telling the truth or distorting it?

This brings us back to something you read earlier…that there is almost always a distortion of the truth and how it frequently borders on becoming a New World Order.

And it’s here where that choice is…

Either live in a New World Order or the Truth World Order.

The New World Order way is what you see those in power attempt to do…impose their “fantasy truths” on to others and possibly even the world. You’ll see this with politicians and certain large institutions. It’s the truth the way they want it…the “convenient liar’s fantasy truth.”

That’s NOT the truth that all humans want coming into this world. It’s the “false truths” that far too many people are accustomed to seeing day in and day out.

The real truth is what I call the Truth World Order…

Because this is the truth all humans initially want…it’s the “tell the truth” way we were taught by our parents. It’s that “innocence” we had as children.

Now as you already know, during the course of your life situations come up that “test” you as to whether you’ll be truthful. And of course you’ll be in situations where it’ll be tempting to “distort” it and lie.

The bottom line is…

Long term it’s much wiser to just be upfront and truthful about things. Yes, sometimes it may not be what people want to hear. Yes, sometimes you’ll be worried (and possibly terrified) about what people will think and say when you tell them the truth.

But you know what?

You’ll be respected for it…you’ll be appreciated for it…and you’ll be free of having to always “look over your shoulder” so to speak.

As you’ve heard me say many times…

No matter what you do in life they’ll always be people liking and disliking you, supporting and challenging you, praising and criticizing you, lifting you up and tearing you down…EQUALLY.

So therefore, you may as well be truthful about things…right?

Along with this it also allows you to discover the truth of who you are…

The truth of why you’re here…

The truth of what you’re here to be, do, and have.

And it gets you to discover the truth of your magnificence…so you’re able to contribute to the world in a way that serves humanity…by just being YOU.








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