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..Are You Having a Hard Time Thinking Clearly and Staying Focused?
…Is This Causing You to Feel Distracted to The Point of Not Being Able to Sleep at Night?
…Is This Also Leaving You Feeling Stressed Out, Anxious and Uncertain About Whether You’re Making the Right or Wrong Decisions in Your Life?


How Much Are You Looking to Get Past This
While Getting a Fresh Start and New Lease on Life?

Hi, my name is Chaney Weiner, author of the book Because This Is Your Life,  and I’ve been consulting with individuals one-on-one throughout the world since 2008 and have worked with a variety of people from many different areas of life.  

As a human potential specialist who possesses a vast knowledge and expertise on how the human mind and human behavior works, I’ll guide you in breaking through the different challenges you feel have been holding you back in the different areas of your life. We do this by utilizing the various tools from my personal transformational system, Breakthrough to Achieve.

These different areas of life can be in—but are not limited to—your relationships and family, defining your purpose, your mindset development, career, and social network.

Since 2008, I’ve worked with individuals to assist them in resolving the following issues:

– Defining your purpose and direction
– Overcoming procrastination and setting achievable goals
– Resolving relationship conflicts and communication challenges
– Overcoming guilt and feelings of regret
– Dissolving feelings of depression
– Dissolving/overcoming feelings of anger and resentment
– Raising your self-worth
– Effectively overcoming fear and dissolving doubt and worry
– Breaking through labels
– Dealing with disappointment and unmet expectations

I do consultations on:

* Overcoming anxiety and social anxiety
* Effectively dealing with stress
* Breaking through anger, fear or self-doubt
* Resolving personal and relationship conflicts
* Overcoming guilt and feelings of regret
* Staying focused, enthusiastic and inspired
* Increasing self-worth and self-confidence
* Dissolving distracting emotions and breaking through depression
* Empowering family and relationship dynamics
* Clarifying your purpose, objectives, and goals

…Because once you breakthrough any of these issues as it relates to your specific situation, it transforms the way in which you handle the different situations that come up in your life, as well as the way you see (and deal with) other people and the world.

As a result, you’re able to consistently stay focused…and you dramatically increase the probability of reaching your specific goals, and quite often even achieving goals that at first you weren’t even aware of.

In fact…

This is what actually led me into why I ultimately chose to dedicate my life to helping people in this way.

And the reason I love helping people in this way goes back to what I’ve seen all throughout my life. I’ve seen people, to include family, friends, and acquaintances that have unconsciously let life get the better of them. I’ve seen most of these people literally have the life sucked out of them and knew that’s not how they wanted to end up living.

As a result, these loving people fell far short of what they were capable of achieving in life…while at the same time experiencing far too many physical and emotional breakdowns that basically robbed them of the life they truly wanted to live that they often dreamed about as children.

Seeing this with enough people has literally lit a “fire” within me to do all I can to help people throughout the world follow through on their childhood dreams and live the type of life they’ve always wanted and the people they want to live it with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the difference between traditional therapy and what you do?

Quite often people feel therapy or needing therapy implies that, “There’s something wrong with me” or that “I need to be fixed” in some way. As a result this can frequently be a barrier to overcoming a particular issue and challenge you have.

What we do doesn’t involve trying to “fix” you or that there’s something “wrong” with you. Instead, what we do involves using what is unique and special about you (even if you don’t know what that is yet) to overcome the different issues and challenges you’re facing.

What this is:

We use a noninvasive approach that dissolves (clears out) the different emotional charges that are the cause(s) for why you’re experiencing the different issues/challenges you’re looking to overcome.

A vital part of this approach and being able to breakthrough these different issues and challenges involves utilizing what is unique about you…along with what is most important to you.

And by having a breakthrough in this manner…the way you see, act, and react to others and the different situations you encounter in your life moving forward changes. You’ll be seen differently by others and in such a way that it opens up the types of opportunities which lead to achieving the outcomes you’re looking to accomplish.

As a result, this paves the way and frees you up to achieving the desired outcome you’re looking to have.

What this isn’t:

How we help people does not involve trying to “fix” you. There’s nothing to “fix” or “improve” about you. For the most part we don’t follow the traditional therapy approach that in far too many cases (not all) leaves people coming back for the same exact issue/challenge session after session, for month after month and quite often year after year.

We’re not about trying to get people to come back over and over again for the same issue/challenge. Most of the time overcoming a particular issue/challenge takes no more than a few sessions at most.

Even though this is the case, however, you may be someone that would need to come back for a few more sessions (at most), but it would be for a different issue/challenge. And that’s perfectly ok, because I’m sure you already know that as you go through life different issues and challenges do come up and in ways that you may not have dealt with before.

What we’ve also found to happen is that in many cases once we help you overcome your original issue/challenge that it also (concurrently) clears out different issues/challenges…many of which you may have been totally unaware of.

The method and techniques we use is not that of a “New Age”, “Phoo phoo”, “Airy fairy”, or “Polyanna” approach…but rather comes from my Breakthrough to Achieve Program which includes the Life Renewal System.

How much time will it take to get the results I want?

Naturally we can’t give you an exact “to the second” timeframe of how long it would take to get the results (and outcome) you want. The reason is because of the many factors involved as it relates to your specific situation.

However we can tell you this…

At most it takes no more than a few sessions to dissolve (clear out) the underlying cause(s) responsible (which are usually negative emotions). And once you breakthrough what these are, it transforms the way in which you handle the different situations that come up in your life…to include the way you see (and are seen) by other people and the world.

This in turn paves the way for you to achieve your main outcome(s) and the results you’re looking to get.

It’s important to also realize that this is not about expecting to have what you want immediately “fall out of the sky.” This is about removing the obstacles (and quite often they’re hidden) getting in the way of what’s holding you back in a certain area of life.

How long is each session?

The length of each session depends on your specific situation. Even though we charge an hourly rate, a session can last for one hour and sometimes go for as long as three hours. It depends on your particular situation.

With some of our clients it’ll take a one, 1-hour session to overcome their particular issue/challenge. With others it’ll take three, 1-hour sessions. And with some people it’ll take one, 2 or 3-hour session. These are just general examples. It’ll vary with different cases, which again is based on your specific situation. And this is something we’ll discuss in detail with you upfront before your first session.

However, one thing is certain with everyone…

We are here to help you overcome your particular issue/challenge in the least amount of sessions. We are not about having people become dependent on us to the point that they keep coming back over and over again for the same exact (and typically unresolved) issue for months and years on end. It is far more important for both of us that we help you in the fastest and completely effective (to include cost effective) way possible.

Also be aware that in some cases a two or three hour session may be necessary. Because if after an hour you are close to breaking through, but it’ll take another half hour, hour, or two then we’ll go to completion. If this comes up in your case of course we would discuss this along with other options. The reason we like to do it like this is because it can allow us to resolve your specific issue in as little as one session.

After you schedule your consultation you’ll immediately receive a short questionnaire. This will help us become more familiar with your specific situation prior to our one on one call so we can help you in the fastest and most effective way possible.

If you have any questions or want to inquire further contact Support@chaneyweiner.com

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Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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