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Ep #12: How Much Time Is Left In Your Life?

Written by Chaney Weiner

Most people during the course of their lives take time for granted and quite often don’t realize it until it’s too late. But is it really too late? If you are taking time for granted what can you do to “light that spark” and begin maximizing your life before it is too late?

Listen to this podcast episode as Chaney discusses what it takes to get full use out of the time you have in your life no matter what your current situation is.

You’ll discover:

  • How what you do when you go on vacation has to do with having more time in your life.
  • How to prioritize your time in such a way that gives you more time in your life.
  • What it means to treat your life with “healthy urgency” and how this brings more value to your time.
  • How treating your life with “healthy urgency” gets you to stay focused.
  • How to know if you’re doing the things that are most important to you…which results in getting more done in less time.
  • The difference between “healthy urgency” and being in panic mode.
  • Motivation vs. inspiration: which one allows you to get more done in less time while also staying focused?
  • How to get people to value your time more.

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About the author

Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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