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What Happens When Karma Collides With The Truth?

Written by Chaney Weiner

There’s an epic battle going on right now as we speak.

It’s a battle you go through every day.

Sometimes you’re aware of it. Other times you’re not.

And it’s one that has two major combatants that are trying to take control of your life…each with opposite intentions in mind.

The two combatants…Karma and the truth

…and the two couldn’t be more different from one another even though most people think they’re the same.

Now you may be thinking about what these intentions are because of something you’ve heard people say, believe, and live their lives by.

And it’s the statement…

“What goes around comes around. If you put out ‘good karma’ you get ‘good’ in return and if you put out ‘bad karma’ you get ‘bad’ in return.”

Along with this is also the famous one of, “Karma’s a bitch”, plus all the other karma sayings that imply the notion that “it’ll get you one way or the other.’

Sounds good on the surface and makes sense….right?

Well there’s something that comes along and is in your life 24/7 that doesn’t agree with this.

It’s called the Truth

Along with its intentions that are the complete opposite of what karma allegedly has in store for you.

And the two are on a collision course that lead to an epic clash.

So, what is this clash and…”What happens when karma collides with the truth?”

ClashTitans1. Clash of the Titans

It’s a scene all too familiar. You’re nice to someone. They start off being nice to you. And then something happens along the way and they did something you didn’t like that went “way over the line.” You became angry and so pissed off that the thought of them literally made you want to throw up.

Next, you’ll find one of the karma quotes that says “karma will get them” and you’ll wish that upon them.

Along with this you may rely on what I call the “silent karma” quote that says something like, “Karma is the best revenge.”

In either case you’ll look to karma as a way to get back at them.

And let’s face it…

You’ve been there at some point, so have I, as well as people you know. This seems like a natural response for most people.


It’s not the truth.

And this is where karma and the truth collide.

I call it the clash of the titans…

Because you have two colossal forces fighting to take control of your life. The question is, which one will win out…relying on karma or living your life according to truth?

And the fact is…

The two of them don’t mix. It’s similar to what happens when water tries to mix with oil…they separate. The same is true with karma and the truth.

When it comes to water and oil trying to mix, of course there’s a reason for that…it has to do with the chemical structure of water and oil.

There’s also a reason why karma and the truth don’t mix. It has nothing to do with a chemical structure per se…

But it does have to do with the structure of karma versus the structure of how the world (the Universe) has always, is right now, and always will function.

What I’m talking about is…approaching life from a one-sided versus a two-sided perspective.

The typical karma that most people rely on is attempting to see the world from a one sided perspective.


The truth which relies on seeing life from a two-sided perspective…which is how the world (Universe) has and always will be designed to work. It’s an unbreakable structure. And only the one sided fantasies that far too many people try to impose on the world is what gives rise to ultimately relying on karma…plus the side effects that come along with it.

KarmicFantasy2. The Karmic Fantasy

Somewhere along the way in the history of man and womankind somebody came up with (and started promoting) the idea that people can live one sided lives.


The notion that you can have more happiness than sadness, have people be more kind than cruel to you, having people be more nice than mean along with being more honest than dishonest to you, along with having more peace than turmoil in life…and so on.

It sounds appealing on the surface.


It’s never has, isn’t right now, or never will work that way…even though they’ll be moments when it seems like it does.

What this approach that far too many people are trying to live by does is…it’s the breeding ground for relying on the type of karma most people live by. As a result it runs their lives, and quite often without them even realizing it.

This is what I call the Karmic Fantasy…

Because it’s the mindset of, “If somebody doesn’t always or most of the time act one-sided to me (by being more nice than mean, more kind than cruel, more honest than dishonest) then they’re not a ‘good’ person and karma will get them.

This is a fantasy because ALL people have both sides to their nature…and in certain situations the so called “bad” or “negative” side (being mean, cruel, dishonest) is actually needed.

Now of course I’m not saying to purposely be mean, cruel, and dishonest to people…

What I am saying is that in certain moments these are needed…as long as it benefits a certain situation and the people involved.

A perfect example of this is what took place with me back in 2008. I was friends with a gal named Heather. We were close friends and business partners for a year and a half.

Then she met a guy she barely knew and from that point on both our friendship and business relationship deteriorated to the point that each ended within 4 months of her meeting this person.

During this time it put a strain on our friendship and ultimately led to us going our separate ways. When this first started happening I perceived Heather as being mean, dishonest, and not following through on what we had agreed upon regarding our business partnership…

But then I took a step back and began looking at the benefits of her—that is my perception of her—being mean, dishonest, and not following through.

These included:

-It gave me the opportunity to run my business the way I wanted
-It taught me how to be resourceful in my business
-It tested my patience in dealing with people in general
-It got me to “dig deep” and discover my unique creativity…one of which allowed me to become (in the eyes of many) an exceptional writer. This ultimately led to the writing of my first book.
-It taught me how to become more business savvy.

These are just a few of the benefits that came about from someone’s perceived meanness, dishonest, and not following through on an agreement.

And once I saw these benefits I was more focused and appreciated Heather for what she contributed to my life. It didn’t mean we “had to” be friends or stay in touch (which we never did), or that I let her “off the hook”…

What it meant was that she contributed to my life in the way she did.


There was no need for relying on karma. What for? Since what I perceived her as doing had as many benefits as drawbacks was it necessary to rely on so called “karma?” Obviously not.

TwoSidedWorldNot only that…

But this also brings out the truth…in people and of the different situations you experience throughout your life (as it ultimately did in my situation with Heather. I’ll come back to this in a few minutes).

And it’s only when this Karmic Fantasy is being projected into a world that is designed to be two –sided…that’s where this clash of the titans takes place…when karma collides with the truth.

It’s also the difference in how your life plays out physically, mentality, and emotionally…

Because if you’re relying on karma you’ll also get the mood swings that frequently come along with it which include the anger, the frustration, and the aggravation.

And quite often this involves getting that “splitting headache”, the “knot in your stomach”, and just an overall draining of your energy.

Is this any way to live your life…of course not.

Thankfully there’s another option you have to live your life by…it’s called the truth.

Karma3. Living the truth lifestyle

Sometimes in life there are certain things that we as humans like to believe but in reality it’s not that way at all. A perfect example of this is realizing what the truth is.

This goes back to what I said earlier.

The bottom line here is…

The world we live in is a world of truth. Always has been…always will be. The reason far too many people don’t realize this is because most people continue to try and impose the one sided fantasies I spoke about earlier on to it. Then when things don’t go their way they try and rely on “bad karma” (and “good karma” when things do go their way).

Living this way is not living what I call the truth lifestyle. That’s living the Karmic Fantasy lifestyle.


In order to rely on karma there has to be that one-sided mentality. Karma can only exist during this one-sided mindset This is not living according to truth because the truth sees both sides to situations and people equally (where there are an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks, positives and negatives).

Once you start living from this two-sided perspective karma dissolves and you live according to truth…what I call the truth lifestyle.

And the two cannot co-exist.

This brings up a quote of mine:

“When you live according to truth ‘good’ and ‘bad’ karma does not exist.”

This is why there is a collision that takes place when karma meets the truth.

Relying on karma denies the truth of life…of people, of situations, and even of yourself. Plus it’s not a healthy way to live.

Living according to truth is a healthy way to live even though it may not seem that way at first.

Not only that…

But when you live according to truth you get greater insights along with the solutions to the different problems you’re looking to overcome and solve.

Karma5This occurs because of a fascinating fact that is true of EVERYTHING in life and that is…

Life and all the events that take place—the reason why things happen—are ALL due to cause and effect…not karma.

There is a cause for everything you see on the outside (the effect) and these events as I said earlier are two-sided (they have an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks, positives and negatives)…but if you’re not aware of this along with the facts and details involved it can be easy to fall prey to relying on karma.

This is exactly what happened with the gal Heather I told you about earlier.

About three months after meeting this new guy she decided to move in with him. She moved across the country to Seattle. After living with him for barely three months he kicked her out and she basically had nowhere to go and in a place she had never lived.

When I heard about this I immediately resisted the idea of relying on karma and the notion that, “Karma’s a bitch and that what goes around comes around and that’s what Heather gets for treating me the way she did.”

Instead I immediately realized that if I came from this “Karmic Fantasy mindset” that it would run my life because I would have still seen what happened between me and Heather as having more drawbacks than benefits.


It would have denied the truth of all that took place…because there was a cause as to why she got kicked out…it wasn’t due to so called “bad karma.”

Knowing Heather as well as I did I knew the details of what took place in her past relationships and why those didn’t work out…and the same pattern occurred with this guy who ended up kicking her out.

This is why what happened with her happened. It was the unresolved issues from past relationships that carried over which was the ultimate cause of why this guy kicked her out…not some mystical, fantasy seeking “bad karma.”

As with every other event that most people almost always attribute to “good” or (as in this case) “bad” karma there is a cause that is responsible for the effect…for what we all see on the outside.

And if you don’t get the facts and details of why events take place while knowing there’s always a cause for why things happen it’ll be easy to think “karma” was responsible…while denying the truth.


The world we live in is a world of truth because of the way it was designed…to be two-sided. And like I said earlier, it’s when people project the one-sided fantasies on to the world is when karma becomes involved.

Not only does this (karma) deny the truth of different events you experience, but it also denies the truth of who you are.

You are not here to rely on karma.

You’re here to live according to truth.

Life is not a series of “mystical coincidences” or random “freakish events”…

And the same is true of you.

You’re here for a reason and a very important one…

To bring value to the world…

To make a difference…

To matter…

And doing so in a way that shows the world who you really are.

This is the truth of who you are and why you’re here.


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Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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