Is There Such A Thing As Luck?

Written by Chaney Weiner

There are two words in your life that sometimes you think are the same but they’re quite different.

One of these words is often seen as either “good” or “bad”…

While the other word is seen as just being one way.

These two words are “luck” and “blessed.”

And along with this is one of the most important things you’ll ever want to realize about you and your life’s journey.

In fact, this is something I’ve spoken about before and it’s important enough to speak about again.

As you go through your life you’ll have a tendency to attribute the things that happen to you and others as “luck.”

This can be seen as so called “good luck” or so called “bad luck.”

Along with this, you may believe at first that you or others are “lucky” while you may perceive yourself and possibly others as not being lucky.

But is there really such a thing as “luck?”

And what about the other word that’s quite often seen as one way…”blessed?”

LuckIllusion1. The 2 sided illusion of luck

I mentioned above that you’ll have a tendency to attribute things that happen as “good luck” or “bad luck.” This is actually a two sided illusion. Here’s why…

I’ve mentioned a number of times in the past about the following quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca…

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

What this means is that the preparation you put into doing something, which includes time and effort, is what determines your so called “luck.” Therefore “luck”, whether perceived as “good” or “bad” is not a random coincidence, nor an “accident.” What most people attribute to being “lucky” actually happens by design, and yes you can control it.

The other part of this two sided illusion are the labels of “good” and “bad.” These labels are nothing more than one’s perception of a situation, idea, or person. What may be perceived as “bad” in one situation by one person, may be seen as “good” by someone else. This also applies to labeling people as well.

Anytime something is attributed to luck, whether “good” or “bad”, this implies that there is some sort of a mistake in the Universe, that things are out of line and not “perfect.”

The fact is that we live in a Universe (world) that is two sided, where there is an equal amount of both positive and negative, ease and difficulty, peace and war, and so on….this is the perfection I mentioned before.

This has always been the case, still is the case, and will always be the case. Trying to so called “change” the world to be one sided is a fantasy that is futile.

It is important to be aware of this because having this insight is very healthy and needed in order for you to live the type of life you want.

NoMistakes2. There are no mistakes

Whenever we see things occurring because of “good luck” or “bad luck” it subtlety implies that some sort of mistake has happened. It may seem like “good” or “bad” luck on the surface, but the fact is that there are no coincidences or mistakes in the Universe.

How can you tell?

When you really take the time and trace it all out while connecting the dots, you’ll see that everything occurs by design.

Now of course there will be certain situations that happen, and this can be in various areas throughout the world, where things seem as though others have “bad luck” and are less fortunate. When you take a closer look at those situations, you’ll see the other half of that, the positive and the “good.”

The only way that someone can see something as a mistake is if they had a fantasy of how, whatever it was that they see as a mistake, was “supposed” to have a one sided outcome, in this case a positive only outcome…and this of course will be based on one’s values or the things most important to them in that moment.

There are no mistakes or luck in the Universe, but rather there are blessings.

LifeOfBlessings3. Living a life of blessings

Rather than saying that you’re lucky in any way, it is much wiser to substitute that by saying, “I am blessed.” Why?

Simply put, because you are blessed. The other reason is because whatever it is that you achieve is not some random thing or luck. It is because you are blessed and deserve it.

Think about this…have you ever heard anyone say that they are “good” or “bad” blessed? Or what about “good” blessings and “bad” blessings?

Now what if you have various things going on in your life that you may not see as going your way? Perhaps you may view your life currently and/or in the past as not being lucky.

Just know that in every stressing there is a blessing. In every perceived crisis there is a hidden blessing. The way you can know this is true is to take the time to really look very closely. When you do, you’ll find it along with the synchronicity that’s involved.

You were not put in this world to be “lucky.” This again suggests that something you did or didn’t do is out of order.

Acknowledge the fact that you are blessed and the wonderful person that you are.

It doesn’t matter what others say or have said about you.

It doesn’t matter what others did or didn’t do to you.

It doesn’t even matter what has happened or didn’t happen to you.

What matters most is that you know who you truly are, and that is an amazing person with so much to offer the world.

Other people don’t dictate your destiny…you do.

While it is very wise and beneficial to all to help others, it is also important that others help you as well.

No matter where you’re at currently in your life, you can certainly turn it all around in your favor…

And just know that this starts by realizing that you are blessed, and here to do amazing things in the world by demonstrating the magnificence and brilliance of who you are.


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Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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