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“I’m Just A Person That Wants To Be Told The Truth”

Written by Chaney Weiner

How can something that every person wants also be the same thing they quite often go against?

How can we understand why something so simple is just as easily (if not more) difficult…

While also being the same thing that is building and destroying people’s lives as we know it?

And the fascinating part…

You find yourself continuously thinking and saying this over and over throughout your entire life.

What I’m talking about is the truth.

And more specifically how you feel about it.

How many times do you find yourself thinking and even saying to yourself…

“I’m just a person that wants to be told the truth.”

But how many times is this actually happening in your life?

For most people it’s not happening as much as they like…and interestingly this can be both frustrating and exhilarating.

The fact is…

No matter how much you want people to just tell you the truth, there will always be those who won’t. And the reasons for this are as many as there are people.

What’s important for you is…

How can you find out the truth, even when someone is not telling you the truth?

First, it begins by taking the time to care enough to get all the facts straight. I’ve spoken about this before.

Yes, you’ll be in situations when you know someone is not telling you the truth, but if you have the facts of why they’re not telling you the truth…at least it makes things easier on your end. Plus it is likely to give you greater insight into the person you’re dealing with.


There will be times when someone does not tell you the truth because they are worrying so much about what others will think of them if they were truthful…

But when you are intuitive enough and know the facts of “why”, not only won’t it bother you, but you’ll actually end up getting THE truth after all. ToldTruth2Smaller

Here’s something else to keep in mind about being told the truth and it has to do with your reaction to it…

There will be times when having the truth revealed is going to involve something you’re not going to like. And it may also contribute to why someone—especially those who know you—will not tell you the truth.

This goes back to the line from the movie, “A Few Good Men”, when Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth.”

Therefore, the question for you is (even though you may say that you just want to be told the truth)…

“Can you handle the truth?”

Far too many people can’t. And one of the reasons why is that they seek one-sidedness in what we all live in…a two-sided world.

No matter how you look at it…and no matter what situations and people you encounter…the truth involves both sides.

Yes, you’ll come across people that you know are flat out lying to you. But like I said earlier, even these situations reveal the truth in several ways.

What this all comes down to reminds me of something a former college professor of mine said, “You can’t change someone…you can only change your reaction to them.”

In this case, you can’t change someone as to whether they’re telling you the truth…

Yet, you can change your reaction to them…and you can change how you handle the truth.

And of course there will be times when you’ll just not like what the truth is.


Knowing the truth is liberating…it provides a relief…it can and does take a load off your back.

TruthFreeIt’s much wiser to know (and be) the truth, than it is to live a life of smoke and mirrors that’s a lie…

So when it comes to you handing the truth be mindful of the fact that it may involve things you may not initially like…whether it’s about you or someone else.

But when you see both sides of it equally…not only is the truth revealed…but the magnificence and brilliance of who you are comes to the surface.

It’s what makes you the special person you are.

It’s what brings out what it is about you that brings value to the world.

It’s what gets you to realize how important of a person you are…and how much you do matter to the world.


About the author

Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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