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What Would You Give To Turn Your Life Around?

Written by Chaney Weiner

It’s been said that sometimes big things come in small packages.

It can also be said that at times small things come in big packages.

And this is certainly the case as it relates to your life.

The only thing is…

When can you expect each to come up?

Because as you know life can be unpredictable at times.


It can also be predictable during certain moments as well.

And this is especially the case if your life right now is not where you want it to be.

It becomes a familiar theme…right?

You have those predictable days that you would like to do without…such as the job you may want to get out of…or those bills that keep coming in the same times of the month.

And then you have the unpredictable stuff that comes up…more of the bills you didn’t expect…a relationship that suddenly took a turn in a direction you didn’t want.

In either case it still comes down to situations you don’t want to be in…and those you’d love to change.

Which brings up the question…

What would you give to turn your life around?

FaceToFace1. Round round turn around

For many years I believed in the idea that “what goes around comes around.” This gave way to the idea of what I thought at the time as karma…”good” karma and “bad” karma.

And then I became much wiser and realized the illusion that karma really is.

This led into…not only my current mindset…but the way the world actually functions…and that is in a two sided manner.

So instead of so called “karma” and “what goes around comes around” what’s really going on is this…

“Nothing good ever lasts and nothing bad ever lasts.”

And when you understand what this all means you’ll realize that “good” and “bad” are situational…

Along with the fact that every situation in life has two sides to it…and that they occur at the same time.

Now what does this mean to you?

If you find yourself in a certain life situation that you want to turn around, it comes down to knowing:

One…It won’t last forever…because nothing lasts forever.


Two…seeing both sides of the situation equally allows you to not only avoid getting caught up in the extreme “highs” and “lows” which actually feed each other…


You’ll be able to turn whatever that situation is around faster and more effectively.

How so?

Because you’ll have a higher probability of being less distracted while being more focused on what you’re looking to be, do, and have in your life.

And this in turn paves the way for those sometimes unforeseen breakthroughs that occur when you least expect it.

This sets the stage for turning your life around.

Here’s the next part to it…

RiskReward2. Risky rewards

It’s obvious as to why you’d love to turn your life around…because you want to be rewarded and enjoy your life. That’s a fair thing to say about every human being…right?


It’s in the pursuit of those rewards that most people often forget about the one thing that actually makes those rewards show up in your life…

Taking risks.

And not just any random, out of control, reckless risks.

What I’m talking about are taking “healthy risks.”

The type of risks that push you out of your comfort zone.

And these can range from “breaking the ice” and starting up a conversation with a “stranger”…all the way to contacting someone who is well known and asking if they could help you out in some way…and every thing else in between.

What it comes down to is this…

The bigger the rewards you’re looking to have…the more “healthy” risks that are involved.

The more you embrace this and make it a habit in your life, the higher your probability of turning your life around…and in a faster time.

And a good way to start getting into this habit…start small.

I mentioned before about going up to a complete stranger and starting a conversation.

This is a good example…then take it up a notch.

Of course this will vary depending on what your situation is and what you’re looking to achieve.

The idea here is to do something that at first feels uncomfortable and build your way up. It’s like when you first start working out in a gym.

You’re not going to lift heavy weights the first day because you’re likely to get injured.

You start out small and build your way up gradually.

Well it’s the same thing here.

Start out with small “healthy” risks…gradually increase them…and certainly make sure that it benefits all involved equally.

SavingYourSoul3. Saving your soul

Answering the question, “what would you give to turn your life around” without a doubt includes knowing what it is you’d love to do…also known as knowing what it is you want.

Yes, I know it sounds simple…and cliche.


It’s still at the forefront of what it takes to turn your life around…

Because when you know what you want…and you’re doing what you love…you’ll do what it takes…travel any distance, and pay whatever price to achieve it.

Living this way is being “soul driven.”

And it includes embracing both sides of life equally…the praise and criticism, support and challenge, people liking and disliking you. And the “bigger” or more successful you get…the more of each side you get.

In fact…

This reminds of the quote…

“I’d rather have the whole world against me instead of my own soul.”

I’m not sure who said this, but it’s meaning is right in line with what you’re willing to do to turn your life around.

There will be times when people are going to question you…and possibly even doubt you.


It doesn’t matter.

Because when you’re true to who you are…and you’re following what it is you were put on this earth to do…

Not only will you have saved your soul…

You’ll also rise and shine…and be the magnificent person you are…being YOU!

This in turn allows you to pass the torch to others so they too can be the magnificent person they are.


You never have to give up any part of who you are in order to love and appreciate yourself.


You never have to expect others to give up any part of who they are in order to appreciate and love them.

You do owe it to yourself to be the brilliant person you are…through the uniqueness of who you are.



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Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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