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Ep #17: Is Feeling Like A Failure Holding You Back?

Written by Chaney Weiner

No matter how much you’ve tried, how many times were you left feeling like you accomplished nothing or not as much as felt you should? How many times have you looked at someone else and wished your life was like theirs?

Did this leave you feeling like a failure?

Listen to this podcast episode as Chaney gives you new insights on how to change from feeling like a failure to begin feeling like a success.

You’ll discover:

  • The only way that you can see yourself as being a failure, and what you can do to immediately change it.
  • How knowing the cause of feeling like a failure helps you to overcome feeling like a failure.
  • The 2 questions to answer that gets you to stop feeling like a failure.
  • How seeing yourself as a failure gets you to feeling like a success.
  • Why you need both success and failure in your life .
  • How failure and success work together in getting you to stay focused so you don’t feel like a failure.

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About the author

Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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