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Are You Being True To Yourself And Other People?

Written by Chaney Weiner

There are two words that shape your view of others and the world 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Each of these words have five letters and are complete opposites of each other.

When you’re reminded in some way of the first word, it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. And almost every time it leaves you feeling like you were punched in the stomach.

The second word is the complete opposite. When you think of this word you usually have that warm fuzzy feeling tingling throughout your body. And you’ll have a high probability of being more energized.

Do you know what these two words are?

Before I mention them here’s something else…

There’s times when each of these words seem to be what they are but at other times actually disguised as one another.

And it’s critical to be aware of because how your life turns out depends on this.

The two words I’m referring to are…

“Lying” and “truth.”

This leads to the all important question:

“Are you being true to yourself and other people?”

WordsWrittenWater1. Words written in water- It can seem like one way at first and then turns out to be the complete opposite. It’s that feeling of believing something to be true and then finding out it was a lie. And then you find yourself feeling as though someone kicked you in the back of both of your knees while taking your legs right out from under you.

Not only that but this “someone” can be you at times.

One such lie that you and others tell you is that you aren’t perfect. Just the mere thought of you telling someone else that you’re perfect will be as meaningful to them as words written in water.

And this quite often happens when you try to tell yourself the same thing…

But just know that this is lie.

How can you tell?

Before I get to that, remember this the next time someone says that you (or people) aren’t perfect…

Ask them, “What does being perfect mean to you?”

Then ask, “What does not being perfect mean to you?”

If you do get an answer chances are very high that it’s a “parroted” response handed down (and marketed) very well over time.

Remember, the only way someone can say that you or anyone else (to include the world) is not perfect is if they have a fantasy that being perfect is one sided…meaning that there’s more good than bad, more positive than negative, more niceness than meanness, and so on.

That’s not perfection. That’s a fantasy. And that’s not how life or the world works…

So how can you tell that saying, “I’m not perfect” is a lie?

It begins  by realizing a universal truth.

TruthCarvedStone2. Your truth carved in stone- So what does it really mean to be true to yourself and others? It begins  by seeing yourself, other people, and the world as being two sided. And what this means is that there’s equal amounts of happiness and sadness, pain and pleasure, peace and war, kindness and cruelty.

This is your truth carved in stone…

And it includes any trait you see in yourself, others, and the world. Because for any trait you see there is its equal and opposite. You have them all. And this includes the ones you may pride yourself of not having along with those that you’re too humble to admit you do have.

What else does being true to yourself and others mean?

It comes down to this…

Just be “straight up” with both yourself and others. Why hide one side of yourself while trying to fool others and even yourself.

For example…

How many times have you found yourself putting on a false persona in public while giving the idea that you’re always a positive and happy person…

And then find yourself “downloading” your sadness and negativity on those in your private  life—typically your family—to include even yourself at times?

Now I understand that in certain social settings it’s important to act “appropriately.”

So, of course I’m not telling you to act in a way that would negatively affect a social situation for you.

What I am saying is to be aware of this so you don’t fall prey to the never ending cycle of lying to yourself…

While at the same time being true to yourself and other people.

WalkTheTalk3. Walking the talk of life- Earlier I mentioned that at times the words “lying” and “truth” seem to be what they are but at other times actually disguised as one another. This brings up the idea of walking the talk of life.

And this does make a difference as to how your life turns out.

Because you may listening to someone saying that you can do “this” but they’re doing “that.”

Here’s one of the many perfect examples of this…

How many times have you seen someone promoting  the idea that you can live a happy and positive life? Almost every day, right?

But are they living a happy and positive life? No they’re not. They have the sad and negative moments too. And just like every other person they have both sides.

So why are they saying that you can live that one sided happy and positive life but they aren’t?

Are they walking their talk? No

Furthermore, are they walking the talk of life? Of course not because when you’re walking the talk of life you’ll realize that at times those sad and negative moments serve you just as much as the happy and positive ones do.

This is not about putting others down. It’s about being aware of whether you’re being true to yourself and others. It’s also about whether others are being true to you as well.

Remember, you were put on this earth to be the unique person you are. And included in this is being true to yourself.

It also includes being true to other as well…

Because anything you see in other people in some way is you. It may not be in the same exact way but it’s still there and you show it in your own unique way.

Instead of disguising yourself and pretending to be someone you’re not, stand tall for all that you become.

You never have to give up any part of who you are to be who you truly are…

And that is the special person who contributes a tremendous amount of value to the world.


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Chaney Weiner

Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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