What Is The #1 Enemy Of The Truth?

Written by Chaney Weiner

There are two things going on in your life all the time and both are worldwide epidemics.

Not only that but they both feed off each other even though they’re the complete opposite of one another.

And what’s interesting about them is the fact that on the surface they seem like enemies…but many times actually work together while taking control of your life.

What I’m talking about is the “truth” and ‘lying.”

Now at first you would think that these two worldwide epidemics would be enemies of each other…and quite often they are.

When it comes to lying most people believe the truth is its enemy…and it is.

But what about the truth and its enemy?

You would think at first that the enemy of the truth and finding out the truth would be lying.

Yet, it’s not because there’s something else even though lying is a part of it.

So the question is…

“What is the number one enemy of the truth”

…And how can you defeat it and discover the different truths throughout your life?

QuestionMeYou1. Question me, question you

It can easily be said that the most important thing to have ever occurred in the history of the world since the beginning of time is progress. Because after all, for any civilization to “grow”, “expand”, and exist in a way that helps people…progress is necessary.


There’s a major roadblock to progress just as there is when it comes to the truth. In order for progress to occur the truth needs to be there.

And just like there being an enemy to progress, the same can be said of the truth. They both have a common enemy. So what is this enemy?

The number one enemy of the truth…is…questions.

It’s fascinating…

Humans have always been taught to ask questions. Even as children this is what we’ve been taught and there’s a reason why…because it helps us learn, grow, expand, mature, and discover the truth.


It’s still the number one enemy of the truth…even for the people who know well the importance of asking questions.

So, how can this be…and what types of questions are we talking about here?

In general, the types of questions that are the enemy of the truth are those that seek the specifics and details involved, along with getting the facts straight.

Look no further than what takes place in a court of law with attorneys asking questions and you can see why. Now, yes I understand that sometimes attorneys can “stretch things” with their questioning. But it’s still a good general example of how questions are the number enemy of the truth.

Here’s a more “real life” example and it starts with something I call backdoor vagueness…

How many times have you asked someone a question and their response was “shortly”, “In a little while”, “soon”, and so on?

Did their response leave you feeling unsure and having whatever you asked them seem more vague than before you asked them? Did it also leave you feeling like they were hiding something from you? Most likely so.

In these situations did you ever think as to question them further about what they meant by their vague responses? Most people don’t.

VaguenessHere’s something else…

Have you ever wondered why people give these types of responses?

The reason…

Because it’s their way of avoiding the truth (it also involves worrying about what people will think if they told you the truth).

And what’s really going on is…they feel uncomfortable about the particular question you asked them and rather than be truthful about it, they’ll use an “escape hatch” so to speak in the form of giving these vague and incomplete answers of “shortly”, “In a little while”, and “soon.”

Now of course they’ll be times when someone can’t give you a definite clear answer…such as if you’re calling up a customer service line and they tell you to hold and the recording says that someone will be with you shortly. Legitimate situations like this and others do come up.

However (and even in these types of situations), they can still give you an approximation as to “when” instead of using the typical escape hatch known as “backdoor vagueness.”

The bottom line here is…

Most people don’t like (and feel uncomfortable with) being asked direct questions and will quite often do whatever they can to avoid giving a straight answer…they’ll rely on backdoor vagueness.

To them, questions are the enemy…because if they could have it their way they’d be perfectly happy and content if everyone they spoke with just nodded in agreement,  went their merry way, and put on a smile while appearing to be happy.

Even though this is what happens most of the time, it still quite often “dodges” the truth.

This brings up the next part…

ShutUpBeHappy22. Shut up be happy

Whenever the thought of someone avoiding the truth comes up certain things come to mind…right? Think of the different situations you’ve been in when you just knew someone was not telling you the truth.

As these moments were going on what did you notice about them?

Did they appear to be “fidgety”, nervous, or was it just a weird vibe you got?

How about this one…

Did they smile and try to make you feel good…did they try and get you to be happy?

At first who would ever think that somebody who is trying to make you happy (and feel good) in some way…would also be the same person that is actually (and intentionally) avoiding telling you the truth?

But guess what?

Far too many times this is what’s going on. And the reason it’s going on is so they avoid you asking them questions…especially the type of probing questions that involve wanting to know the specific details and answers (along with the facts)…which ultimately leads to discovering the truth.

And by getting someone emotional—in the way of making them feel happy (along with quite often giving the illusion of hope)—that’s how people will try and avoid questions…the number one enemy of the truth.


Most people are completely oblivious to this and never pick up on it at first…if ever at all.


You’ll see examples of this all over the place…especially among big institutions.

Look no further than politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, the fitness and weight loss industry, and certainly the industry I’m in…personal development.

And it’s not limited to just these.

Naturally this is not to “pick” on these groups (and of course not everybody who does try and make you happy is doing this because there are many wonderful people who are sincere and do care). It is however my way of making you aware of what’s going on quite often “under ones awareness” so you can make informed decisions.

In any case…

It’s real. It’s going on most of the time. And it’s the same underlying theme each time…sell you happiness and hope so you become “emotional” enough to be distracted enough so you don’t ask questions.

And even though nothing is said on the surface in their mind they’re basically saying “Shut up be happy and don’t ask me any probing questions.”

Speaking of questions…the question here is…”What can you do about this? What can you do to detect this and then react appropriately?”

Well it goes back to what I’ve begun saying here and also always say…

“Ask questions…and know that you’ll get ‘both sides’ from people no matter what.


FactsTake the time to get the facts—the specifics and details—about whatever it is you’re inquiring about…along with knowing that no matter what you do you’ll have people liking and disliking you, supporting and challenging you, being nice and mean to you equally.

Why is this important?

Because it will give you the courage while not being afraid to be direct enough with people to ask them the types of questions that gets the results you want…the types of questions that ask for the details and specifics so you can get the facts…which leads you to the truth.

Here’s something else to keep in mind with all of this…

Quite often you’ll be in these types of situations when dealing with authority figures. It could be your boss at work, your doctor, a service provider of some type, and possibly even a politician on some level.

And at first you may be thinking, “Well who am I to question these people because they’re an authority figure”, because after all most people are taught to listen to authority and that “They are the authority so they must know better than I do.”

This may be true…

Yet, it is still wise as long as the situation calls for it to question these people. It’s not disrespecting authority at all as long as you’re being sincere and not doing it just to “rebel” so to speak.

The bottom line here is…

When someone is sincere and truly cares—whether they’re an authority figure or not—they’ll be truthful. They won’t have to put up a “smoke screen” of happiness and hope.


They’ll answer your questions in a specific and detailed way as long as they have all the facts involved.

Yes, most people seek happiness and for obvious reasons. But at the same time that very thing can and is used to sell fantasies to people in order to avoid answering the questions that leads to the truth.

So, what about the truth?

Let’s take a look at that now.

TruthManifesto3. The Truth Manifesto

There’s a worldwide declaration that all human beings live under. It’s called the truth. In other words we all live, have always lived, and will continue to live in a world of truth.

Now at first most people will not believe this and it stands to reason because a day doesn’t go by without you hearing of someone and something taking place that involves lies of some sort. Despite this we still do live in a world of truth.

How do you know?

Because of the fact that every situation, every event, and every person has two sides.

Every situation and event has an equal amount of benefits and drawbacks/positives and negatives to it. And every person is two-sided…meaning that they’re equally happy and sad, nice and mean, kind and cruel, supporting and challenging.

It’s this equal balance of both sides that makes up the world of truth we live in. I call it “The Truth Manifesto.”

Even with this being said they’ll still be many people who won’t agree with it.

The reason why it doesn’t seem that way is because most people are projecting on to the world the fantasy of trying to live one-sided lives…trying to have more happiness than sadness, more support than challenge, more pleasure than pain, more peace than war (turmoil).

And it’s these one-sided projections that distort (and cover up) the world of truth we live in. This is also the exact thing taking place when it comes to the number one enemy of the truth…asking questions.

Because the people who are avoiding the truth do so by trying to sell you these one-sided fantasies—of happiness and hope—as a way of avoiding the type of detailed and specific questions being asked that leads to the truth.

In other words…

Certain people and/or institutions project the type of one-sided fantasies people want to hear so they (the people) get emotional enough to not ask the type of questions that the person and/or institution knows will reveal the truth they’re trying to hide…and quite often they’ll do so with a smile on their face.

It’s strange and rather ironic…

The number one enemy of the truth is also the number one ally of the truth…asking questions.

So, it’s up to you to make a stand.

It’s up to you to ask the types of questions that shows you’re sincere and truly care about helping others, humanity, and certainly yourself.

This is all part of living your truth, which in turn gives others the courage and helps them live their truth.

It’s all part of The Truth Manifesto we all live under.

It’s also part of what makes up the magnificent person you are…

The person that matters and has a tremendous amount of value to offer the world by just being YOU.


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Chaney Weiner is a Human Potential Specialist - Founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential - Creator of the Breakthrough To Achieve Program and Author of the book, Because This Is Your Life.

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